Wherever you go in Wales you will find wild brown trout, our native fish, be it a small stream, mountain torrent, sedate lowland brook, urban river or crystalline mountain lake. Welsh trout are incredibly beautiful and rival any in the world for their colour and fighting ability.

This page celebrates some of the wild brown trout that I have caught in Wales over recent seasons; fish that I hope I can help you enjoy too.

River Taff trout

Some examples of the stunning trout from my local river Taff, a river for ‘trophy’ wild fish.

River Usk Trout

This special river produces a distinctive strain of wild trout, their appearance is perfectly adapted to the red sandstone bedrock and pebbles of the river they live in. Usk trout are often sizeable fish.

River Wye trout

The river Wye offers a huge variety of habitats in the main river and within it’s many tributaries, such as the Edw, Llynfi, Monnow and numerous small streams. These fish have all been caught from within the catchment area of the mighty Wye.

If you would like to catch beautiful wild trout like these from a Welsh river please get in touch for a guided day out.